The Purpose of this Website was developed to encourage Americans to expand their philosophical/political horizons. Since the implementation of the Income Tax and Federal Reserve, followed by the New Deal, America has been conditioned to trust and expand centralized power. Republicans and Democrats alike have heard the message loud and clear, and have demagogued their way into protecting centralizedpower. Our choices in each election are between one person who wants to expand the welfare-state, and another who would expand the warfare-state. In the end, both expand, and individual liberties is about advancing an alternative, a Libertarian Alternative, focused on restoring individual rights and freedom in all walks of life before it is too late.

How this website should be used

AnythingLiberty is split into two different categories: Personal Liberty, and Economic Liberty. The personalliberty section will feature stories of myself and others who are actively setting the example of living free. Thesefeatured individuals will embody the classical stories of the meaning of responsibility, free-markets, and liberty. The economic liberty section is my chance to present information that has been hidden from the public.It will be the theory and arguments behind different systems and institutions, not only my opinions.Stuff that we should all have learned in school from authors who should be household names has been kept behindclosed doors. This website, among many others, will do its best to bring them back to the surface.